Salesforce IFTTT Help

If you plan to use the Custom Salesforce Trigger or Opportunity was won Salesforce IFTTT Trigger, then you (or your Salesforce Admin) must install the Salesforce IFTTT Package.

Install IFTTT Package

Do you want to install in a sandbox instead of a production org?

Install in a Sandbox

When you use the Salesforce IFTTT Channel you will need to connect IFTTT with Salesforce. IFTTT will send you to a screen that looks like:

After selecting the login button you will be asked to login to Salesforce:

After logging into Salesforce you will need to authorize the IFTTT application: Note: You may not have permissions to authorize this application, in which case contact your Salesforce administrator.

You can verify that you have connected IFTTT with Salesforce by checking the Salesforce Channel on IFTTT where you should see:

Now you can begin using the Salesforce IFTTT Channel.

To see how the Salesforce IFTTT Triggers work, check out these demo videos:

Opportunity was won

Record Created or Updated

Custom Salesforce Trigger

To see how the Salesforce IFTTT Actions work, check out these demo videos:

Post Chatter Message

Post Chatter File

Post Chatter Link

Insert a Record

If you are having problems or have questions about the Salesforce IFTTT Channel, post a message in the Salesforce IFTTT Success Chatter Group.